Maintenance and repairs

Proper maintenance of your chimney and boiler is essential to its correct working, to avoid important risks and toto extend the service life of the installation. Chimney users should ensure their safety first, and save money by performing simple chimney maintenance or repairs.

Every day in the media we hear or read about cases of fire, gas poisoning, smoke back-drafts, etc…; situations that could have been avoided with proper maintenance.

Therefore users, installers and distributors need to be aware that chimneys and boilers need regular servicing, maintenance and repairs. Only this way will it work for many years with the efficiency of the first day and avoid defects in use such as smoke back-drafts, fires in the conduit or deterioration.

At Sabanza we have the knowledge and experience to manufacture special pieces installers need and to perform the necessary repairs during chimney and boiler maintenance.

We not only provide countless solutions, but we advise you on which piece is needed. Consult us about your case.


On the news page you can find many different cases with frequent errors in boiler and chimney installation. Click here.

Here are a few simple tips and recommendations that you can perform for the perfect maintenance of your chimney:

  • In the case of biomass chimneys and boilers, always use high quality pellets and firewood, making sure it is perfectly dried and free from paints or varnishes…
  • Remember that your chimney is not a waste burner. Avoid poor performance from your chimney, deterioration or damage due to excessive temperature or exposure to chemicals, as well as the rapid clogging of the flue pipe.
  • It is very important that service and sweeping is carried out on the flue pipe at least once a year, and if necessary, damaged parts are replaced. A flue in perfect condition, clean and tight, guarantees a proper functioning and prevents possible fire risks, smoke back-drafts, poisoning, etc…
  • Check that air inlet and outlet vents are not blocked and if they have adjustable grills, that they are open.


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