Static caps and terminals

Static deflectors and auctions, are elements of great importance in any fumes or air evacuation system, since its function is to prevent smoke from entering the Canal back.


Static Baffle and Auctions , are very important elements in any system smoke evacuation or air, because its function is to prevent the smoke reenter the duct.

They are based on static depression or ” venturi effect ” occurring within regardless of wind can blow in any direction .

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  • Made of aluminum and galvanized steel Z -275 . Standard finish Black FONTE . Lacados baked later in any ral color chart.
  • It also supports finishes in stainless steel, copper , zinc, etc.
  • The outdoor version placement has adjustment screw for a better fit to the tube .
  • Model A and Model B can be equipped optionally with in bird mesh.
  • Available diameters : Ø 80 mm . – Ø 300 mm .
  • Model D: Ø 80 mm . – Ø 120 mm.
  • Rectangular or square tops of chimneys ( see tables of standard sizes ) . We can also manufacture special measure.
  • They are the final element of any smoke exhaust chimney or vent.
  • Prevent entry of rain water , birds or any foreign element.
  • Facilitate the flue , preventing its reverse inward.