Protective latticed tube for gutters made of recyclable polyethylene very easy to mount.


Flexible, very resistant, environment friendly and resistant both to UV and to inclement conditions.

A tube gutter provided with POLY-NET ® LEAFSAFE never gets stuck!.

It is available in three metre long tubes with three versions:

  • Mod. FAPO1740: For 80 mm.diameter gutters. (Designed specially for detached and semidetached houses).
  • Mod. FAPO1720: For 100 to 125 mm. wide gutters.
  • •Mod. FAPO1780: For 150 to 180 mm. wide gutters.

They are packed to ensure their protection during transportation in tube boxes containing 108 m, in packets of 27 or 36 metre long tubes.

Polynet®Leafsafe fits perfectly gutters with unusual measures.


All kinds of gutters.

Data sheet

Data sheet of Poly®net Leafsafe