Clamp reinforced shot gun

Clamp shot gun Galva, manufactured in galvanized steel Z-275. Thickness 2 mm.


Manufactured in steel galvanized Z-275.
Available diameters 50 mm. to 300 mm.
Load index: 175 Kg/ud without warping.
Coating thickness 20 microns.
Material thickness 2.0 mm. (diameters from 50 mm. (-200 mm)
And 2.5 mm thick. (diameter 250 mm. -300 mm. )
Equipped with 2 screws M6 DIN 933 and 2 M6 DIN 934 nuts.
Packing: bags of 2 units / box of 100 PCs. (diameter 50 mm. (-200 mm) and 50 PC. (diameter 250 mm. and 300 mm.)


They are used to fix and secure metal and PVC pipes.
Recommended for both new construction and rehabilitation.

-Fast installation.
-Ease of operation.
-Saving of time.
-Resistance and security
The clamps are normally installed every 2-3 meters away, always depending on the calculation of the load that must withstand the installation and the resistance of the clamp model used.