Aluminum radiator support plate Triangular tiling

Support radiator tile plaque aluminium triangle.


Material: Steel galvanized Z-275.
Thickness: 1,5 mm.
Several models.
Composite assemblies are presented in bags of two pieces with the necessary accessories for the installation of the support. A bag contains (2 racks; 6 lag screws nylon 6 tacos).
Suitable for a variety of materials, both solid and hollow: concrete, lightweight concrete, hollow block of concrete, natural stone, solid brick, brick and wood.
The zinc coating of metal parts ensures fixation remains visually attractive over the useful life of the item.
Nylon and rubber elements have a high resistance to chemical agents and you aconditions wet.


They are used to fix and fasten an aluminum radiator elements to the wall.
Brackets are important for safety of the anchor and the proper operation of the radiator.
Proper alignment prevents stress points that cause noises by expansion and contraction of metal parts.
Recommended for both new construction and rehabilitation.
Fast installation.
Comfort of use.
Strength and security.
The bad choice in the support model, an insufficient number in relation to the size and the weight of the radiator, or incorrect installation may cause malfunction of the radiator or that you pick up the wall.