Vacuum cleaner deflector

Vacuum cleaner, single wall stainless steel A-304 deflector gloss finish, is dynamic and oriented by turning downwind.

Ø (mm) H (mm) A (mm)
80 226 220
100 226 220
130 226 220
150 226 240
180 266 260
200 266 270
250 296 330
300 356 390


Wall thickness: 0.5 mm. AISI 304. Gloss finish.
Working temperature, up to 650 ° C.
Can be mounted with silicone, for best sealing.
Plug-in system (tongue and Groove).
Possibility to place a connecting flange to secure the connection between modules.
Meets UNE 123001:2009
Product certified according to CE/0099/EN 1856-1


According to the norm EN 1856-1:
T600 N1 W Vm L20050 G (without seal)
T160-P1 W Vm L20050 or 30 (with Board)


Prevents the entry of rainwater and favors the shot of the duct.
Evacuation of fumes and gases of combustion stoves, boilers, inserts, open and closed homes, etc.
Recommended for outdoor installations and liquid fuel or gas.
Other uses: with optional seal, can be used in installations for ventilation or evacuation of rainwater.