Baffle static model B-3 Antirrevoco gloss/Matt stainless steel or galvanized

Baffle static model B-3 Antirrevoco made in A-304 stainless steel or galvanized Z-275.


Available diameters 100 mm. -300 mm.

Equipped with a protective screen of greater dimensions than the B model, which favours the flue where winds they blow as it prevents the "plaster effect".
The model Antirrevoco / anti-spark can be equipped with a mesh bird and, in addition to prevent the birds will slip into the duct or chimney and minimizes spark output abroad and its propagation as sparks, when colliding with the mesh, and/or protective screen wall, and remain stuck to the wall, and thereby reduce the risk of fire.



Recommended for all types of chimneys and ventilation.
Renewal of air storage rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, warehouses, greenhouses, and other industrial facilities requiring permanent ventilation.

recommended also for installations located outdoors or in areas with high risk of fire.