Wall bracket

Ø (mm) A (mm) B (mm)
80 230 54
100 250 54
130 280 54
150 300 54
180 330 54
200 350 54
250 400 54
300 450 54

Support Mural A-304 stainless steel available in diameters from 80 to 300 mm.

Modular metal chimney.


Stainless Steel AISI 304, of thickness 0.5 mm.
This element is very important in the installation, since proper installation can depend on the stability and security of the fireplace.

Applications and recommendations

Vertical chimneys, each 5 meters should mount a wall bracket to give greater resistance to the installation and avoid it sagging by the load.

Horizontal installations are not recommended, but if you need to mount a horizontal stretch, must secure the chimney to the ceiling every meter with a clamp.

To facilitate the work of installation, one option is the adjustable wall bracket.

-Extraction of fumes in industrial kitchens campaigns.
Air conditioning/ventilation, commercial areas.
-Sectoring of fire in low-risk areas.
-Control of fire smoke.
-Extraction of chemicals.