Tea at 45 °

Tea to 45 ° double wall AISI 304 / GALVA Z-275 with diameters from 80 to 300 mm. modular metal chimney. Flange union is included in the price.


Interior wall thickness: 0.5 mm. AISI 304
Exterior wall thickness: 0.5 mm. Z-275
Insulation: Rockwool D = 120 kg/m3 and 25 mm thick. Temperature up to 400 ° C.
Can be mounted with silicone for better sealing gasket.
Meets UNE 123001:2009
Product certified according to CE/0099/EN 1856-1


According to the norm EN 1856-1:
T400-N1 D Vm L20050 or 160 (without seal)


Recommended for indoor installations with combustible liquid or gas.
Other appliances: stoves, boilers, fireplaces and inserts.