90th tea and damper

Tea at 90 degrees with double wall stainless steel damper / A-304 INOX with damper with diameters from 80 to 300 mm. modular metal chimney.


Interior wall thickness: 0.4 mm. AISI 304
Exterior wall thickness: 0.5 mm. AISI 304
Insulation: Rockwool D = 120 kg/m3 and 25 mm thick. Working temperature, up to 650 ° C.
Can be mounted with silicone, for best sealing.
Meets UNE 123001:2009
Product certified according to CE/0099/EN 1856-1


According to the norm EN 1856-1:
T200-P1 W V2 L50040 OR 30 (WITH BOARD)
T600 N1 W V2 L50040 OR 70 (WITHOUT SEAL)


It ensures adequate in the chimney of shooting conditions.
* It's a rocker flap that opens when there is excess of draught in the chimney to ensure stability.
* The chimney parameters: Ø 100 – Ø 350 mm.
* Available diameters: Ø 80mm and Ø 150 mm.
* Placed in a tea to 90º, through enlargement – reduction that fit the diameter of your fireplace, the controller (or 150 mm). If the diameter of your installation is 150, it is not necessary to place this piece.

Automatic shot stabilizer is a device that is placed at the beginning of the chimney and is used to guarantee appropriate shooting conditions. It allows steady shot in the chimney or reduce it if there is excessive.

It consists of a pivoting flap or counterweight that opens or closes depending on depression that in the duct. If there is excessive shooting, the mechanism will automatically open and will allow the air intake duct to stabilize it and achieve an adequate level of pressure.

Archery stabilizer has an adjustable screw, which is determined in function of the value of negative pressure or depression that you want to set for normal operation in the chimney. The mechanism will open or close depending on the fluctuations that may exist with respect to the parameters set during installation.