Module extending 370-500 mm

Extendable tube of 370 to 500 mm. Double-wall stainless steel 304-304 with EI-30 fire, for extraction of air resistance. Diameters from 150 to 300 mm. modular metal ventilation chimney with EI-30 fire resistance. Flange union is included in the price.

Oi (mm)OE (mm)H (mm)B (mm)C (mm)A (mm)


Interior wall thickness: 0.4 mm. AISI 304. Glossy finish.
Exterior wall thickness: 0.4 mm. AISI 304. Glossy finish.
Insulation: Rockwool rigid high density (120 Kg/m3) and 25 mm thick.
TIG welding/laser in continuous.
Working temperature, up to 900 ° C. If overpressure (up to 5000 Pa).
In continuous TIG welding.
Connection male – female union clamp.
Diameters: Ø 150 – or 300 mm.


Fire resistance rating:
-According to UNE-EN 13501-3:2005 (with fire resistant ventilation ducts)
§ EI30 (see, io ho)
-According to UNE-EN 13501-4:2007 (control of fire fume ducts)
§ EI30 (ve, ho) S500 multi
On request, we can manufacture EI-60 and EI-120


-Extraction of fumes in industrial kitchens campaigns.
Air conditioning/ventilation, commercial areas.
-Sectoring of fire in low-risk areas.
-Control of fire smoke.
-Extraction of chemicals.