Flat aluminum grilles

Aluminum flat grid:

100 x 100 mm.
150 x 150 mm.
188 x 112 mm.
165 x 165 mm.
200 x 200 mm.
250 x 250 mm.
300 x 150 mm.


Manufactured in aluminium 0,5 mm. thickness and fixed slats.
Finishes: raw aluminium, aluminium painted in white epoxy on both sides; sheet aluminium prepainted imitation wood.
Indication of ventilation surface.
The versions with mosquito net are equipped on its rear side of fibre mesh glass that prevents the entry of insect.

Options available:

  • Material thickness 0.8 mm, resistant to corrosion.
  • Low asked, anodized in RAL colours.
  • Countersunk holes of placement.


Ventilation of dwellings and premises.
These grids of fixed slats are for mounting on walls, resistant to weather and with good air circulation.
Installation in residential buildings; stores; storage rooms; garages; offices; etc…
In a fireplace, for complete combustion of a 1 kg. wood, approximately 8 m 3 of air are required.
This air supply, occurs through the air vents.
They also provide fresh air to dry the interior environment.
In extreme cases, when there is no adequate fresh air supply can produce inhalation of noxious gases with dangerous health effects.