What chimney do I need?


A chimney is made up of various elements, some of them basic and others more special, which will depend entirely on your needs and the role your apparatus is to perform. At SABANZA we are aware that each case is unique – for this reason we offer various production lines in a variety of different materials so that, whatever your situation, we are able to supply you with the best solution.

Your chimney elements may be:

  • Twin Wall.  The best option for outdoor facilities and industrial use.
  • Single Wall. Designed for indoor installation, for use with certain fuels, and not intended for any other use beyond that of domestic.

Once the type of wall is clear, we must analyze which materials will be the best for our chimney. Is it to be a biomass burning chimney? Or will our apparatus be intended for ventilation? Do we require a more aesthetic material?

At Sabanza we have a wide range of materials available to provide the best solution for each case: A-316L and A-304 Stainless Steel, Galvanized, Vitrified, PPS plastic etc

Use the following application table to guide you towards the range you need:

GAMA DOBLE PAREDSólidosGasoilGas NaturalTemperaturaN= TiroNaturalP= SobrepresiónSI = WNO = DSI = V1 ó V2NO = VmInterior/ EspesorExterior/ EspesorSI = GNO = OCon JuntaSin Junta
INOX-INOX A-316Lokokok600N1okokA-316L/0,4A-304/0,5okok
INOX-INOX A-316Lokokok200P1okokA-316L/0,4A-304/0,5okok
INOX-INOX A-304okok400N1okokA-304/0,5A-304/0,5okok
INOX-INOX A-304okok200P1okokA-304/0,5A-304/0,5okok
FLEXIBLE DPokokok450N1okokA-316L/0,4A-304/0,4okok
FLEXIBLE DPokokok160P1okokA-316L/0,4A-304/0,4okok
EI-30 / EI-60ventiladorVentilación (aire)N1okokA-304/0,5A-304/0,5okok
GAMA SIMPLE PAREDSólidosGasoilGas NaturalTemperaturaN= TiroNaturalP= SobrepresiónSI = WNO = DSI = V1 ó V2NO = VmConducto / Espesor SI = GNO = OCon JuntaSin Junta
INOX A-316Lokokok600N1okokA-316L/0,4okok
INOX A-316Lokokok160P1okokA-316L/0,4okok
INOX A-304okok600N1okokA-304/0,5okok
VITRIFICADO PLUSokokok850N1okokAcero/1,5okok
PINTADO NEGROokokok160P1okokA-304/0,5okok
PLASTICO PPSokok120P1okokPPSokok
GALVAventiladorVentilación (aire)N1okokZ-275okok

If you require further information about elements and materials, click here.

Thanks to our longstanding experience, we know some of the most common mistakes made when installing a chimney, and which generally cause many problems in the long run. Click here to download our general recommendations document, where we outline the most frequent problems and how they may be avoided.

What is the EC designation?

It is the information concerning technical requirements (temperature, sealing level, resistance to condensation…) that each chimney element must meet, as indicated by the UNE 123001 regulation.

All chimney manufacturers are required to indicate these characteristics following the tests carried out at an external laboratory, and the granting of these designations by AENOR. This is an essential requirement for marketing chimneys. AENOR audits these characteristics externally on an annual basis to check that are being maintained over time.

The designation each product complies with is indicated by SABANZA on a label on each piece. In the table below you will see a brief summary of the meaning of the designation type which appears on the labels:

For further technical information about CE designations and the applications of the components in our ranges, the complete document  may be viewed by clicking on the following link. Click here.

Considerations when requesting a chimney quote.

A chimney is the set of conduits and elements that compose it. We are consumed by our efforts in the day-to-day, making laborious calculations for each installation and tempted to be guided by the price of the tube on evaluating different offers on the market.

However, we must bear in mind that if we only look at the price of the conduit, this leads us to compare very different market offers in the same light.
At Sabanza we establish a transparent pricing policy. Each element has a fair price for its preparation. We avoid masking prices and significantly raising the price of special items in favour of a lower tube cost, since these same special terminals, elbows and ”T”s, are where installation suffers most.

We therefore invite you to contact us for a free and accurate assessment, with no obligation, and the guarantee of no hidden surprises.

Contact us, we will be delighted to advise you on the right installation for what you are looking for.