Commitment to society


with our environment and work for local development

 At SABANZA we have a sense of responsibility to our environment and we strive to work for local development with respect to our interest groups. We therefore play our part not only in economic development but also in overall social development

Society is composed of all people. We believe that diversity creates wealth .  Companies are made up of people, and we are those who give value to brands, to organizations.

Our commitment to building a better society is shown in initiatives such as:

  • We receive visits from schools to provide primary school children with a first insight into what a company is.
  • We give talks on entrepreneurship to high school baccalaureate students.
  • We collaborate with local associations.
  • We offer our employees flexible work timetables in order to make family life and working life more compatible.
  • We develop equality policies for people regardless of gender, race, religion or ideology.
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