File Downloads

Sabanza places all the information you may require at your full disposal: from general pricing and certifications to technical data sheets, regulations and declarations of performance, as well as useful and relevant information for our clients

You only have to click on an image and a “PDF” file will open for you to view or download.

Request your tariff-catalogue on paper

If you prefer paper format, we will send you our catalogue free of charge. Write to us at with the subject heading: “request for tariff catalogue on paper” along with the company name, contact name, address, and telephone number, and we will send you a copy.

Product information sheets.

You may download catalogues and information sheets on our products.

Declarations of performance, technical instructions and implementation of regulations.


Each declaration of performance is associated with a range of products. Click on the image to view or download the file.

In addition, we provide you with technical instructions and other documents on the implementation of regulations.

Useful links

AENOR  AENOR: Search for existing regulations.


Updated technical construction code and R.T.I (Regulation of Thermal Installations): Basic quality regulatory framework for buildings and facilities.

IDAE Institute for Energy Saving and Diversification: Energy saving and efficiency programs.