Ventilation grids


The vents provide fresh air needed for combustion and ventilation. This feature is very important, especially in buildings with good insulation level , where access of fresh air from outside is limited.

For the combustion process , a large amount of fresh air is needed.

  • Thickness: 0.5 mm.
  • Material : Aluminum.
  • Finishes : Aluminum , Black And Wood
  • Opening Type : Fixed Lamas
  • Formats: square, rectangular and large formats.
  • Possibility of supplying with mosquito net.
  • UNE 60670 compliant.

Ventilation of homes and shops.

In a chimney , for complete combustion of 1 kg of wood it requires roughly 8m3 air . This air supply occurs through the vents.

They also provide fresh dry indoor air environment. In extreme cases, when there is no adequate supply of fresh air , inhalation of noxious gases may occur, with dangerous health effects.