Case 2: Smoke back-drafts and contamination in a ventilation system

The picture corresponds to the installation of several chimneys of combustion gases in a residential building in La Rioja. Twin wall stainless steel chimneys have been installed as required by the norm UNE 123001 but, when completing the installation, the following mistakes are made:


  • The three evacuation chimneys are completed at the same height.
  • They reach the same height that the concrete element with the ventilation outlet in the annexed building.


  • Revoke problems in the chimneys, especially if the three of them…
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Case 1: Smoke evacuation in a pellet stove

Stainless steel tubes A-316L have been fitted, as required by the pellet stove manufacturer and the norm UNE 123001 (as it is pellet, solid fuel), but when installing the stove in a given place in the home the following mistakes may be made:

  • Mounting a single wall tube as it is an outdoor installation in a very cold region in Spain.
  • Completing the installation with a 2.5 meter long horizontal section without inclination from the 90 degree elbow, after the first…
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