Adapter juggling tube wall

Adapter from simple to double wall manufactured in Inox A-316 and A-304 with available diameters from 80 to 300 mm. Modular metal chimney.

Oi (mm) OE (mm) H (mm)
80 130 160
100 150 160
130 180 160
150 200 160
180 230 160
200 250 160
250 300 160
300 350 160


Stainless steel A-316 of thickness 0, 4mm, and thickness 0.5 mm A-304
Insulation: Rockwool D = 120 kg/m3.
This is very important in the chimney, as proper installation can depend on the proper functioning of the appliance.


Evacuation of fumes and gases of combustion stoves, boilers, inserts, open and closed homes, etc.
Recommended for outdoor installations and liquid fuel or gas.
It is an element that allows us to install Simple wall housing and double wall inside abroad, with the cost savings that this entails, in material, both in performance and efficiency of your appliance.